Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Neutrogena Cosmetics Product Review: Mama's Lookin' Good

Tried out the new Neutrogena Cosmetics today through BzzAgent. The products I was sent were one MoistureSmooth Color Stick (Sweet Watermelon), two of the Crease Proof Eye Shadows, and one Healthy Lengths Mascara.

Since my son was born last November, it's been a tough go looking and feeling pretty - especially during the week. Once I got my vegan chili in the slow cooker, I showered up and got to work on the new makeup. A couple minutes later (literally two minutes, I had a hungry baby waiting on me), I had applied everything and was looking great. I can't wait for my husband to get home and check me out. He'll probably ask me what the occasion is.

The eye shadow was easy to apply. The mascara was not clumpy or dry. To my surprise, what I liked most about the mascara was the long wand. I am so used to using these stout mascara applicators that I can barely hang on to. Neutrogena thought of everything. The wand is long and light weight. Finally, the lipstick was sheer with a touch of color. Looks like lipstick feels like lip balm. It went on super smooth and looks very natural.

Overall, I'd recommend this stuff to friends, especially mom's who only have a minute or two to get themselves together.

Like Neutrogena? Recommend any of their products (or not)? Share below!


  1. How did the MoistureSmooth color stick last over time? I find that a lot of lip colors actually dry my lips out more than going without.

  2. Hi, Jaime. It was actually a lot like a lip balm in application and the feeling. So, it doesn't feel like a gloss, but smooth like a balm. I wore it for about 3 hours (no eating though) and it lasted the whole time. I didn't feel the need to reapply until that point. I would have liked to have tried a darker color, but the light pink was a really flattering and natural color.